Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rock Coogi Talks Battle Rap and BET's 106&Park

So often we dream of accomplishments that we believe we may never acheive. We second-guess ourselves out of fear of failure or defeat. Though we want so badly to acheive the goals we set for ourselves, we frequently talk ourselves into settling for less due to our fears of coming short of our dreams or not being "good enough" to hold the top spot.

Rapper, Rock Coogi, battled with that same fear within himself and amongst his community. With peers, friends, and even family doubting his talents and some trying to talk him into a more "practical" living. It wasn't until he decided to block out the nay-sayers and set the goal to enter BET's 106&Park Freestyle Competition that he truly realized his potential to make waves in the music industry. Staring defeat in the face on a New York City stage, Rock Coogi no longer feared failure but used his experience as leverage to move forward. To overcome defeat and still know that you're "good enough" is raw talent.

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